Move-out FAQ

When should I file a Notice to Vacate?

A proper Notice to Vacate must be signed and received in our P.O. box by the last day of the month before the one in which you plan to vacate. (Example: To vacate on June 30, your signed notice must be received by May 31.) Notices cannot be accepted in the month you wish to vacate. This is insufficient notice and you will be obligated for that month’s rent.

Download Notice of Intent to Vacate

About two weeks before your final day of residency, we will contact you to schedule a walk-through inspection on your final day of occupancy to note the unit condition and any damages. Within two days after your scheduled move-out date, we will complete the Security Deposit Disposition on your unit, documenting any deductions for damages. Your security deposit will be forwarded to your last known address (or new address if provided to us) within 30 days after your scheduled move-out date.


How do I rescind my Notice to Vacate?

Send a written rescission of your Notice to Vacate to be received by Pihana Properties prior to your scheduled move-out date.


What is required at the move-out walk-through inspection?

The following must be completed satisfactorily to ensure return of your entire security deposit.

  • No damage to the unit, furnishings, or premises per the Unit Condition Form; unit must be clean and all personal property removed.
  • Refrigerator defrosted, inside walls cleaned, bins and shelves removed and cleaned, door jamb and gasket cleaned.
  • Oven free of grease, including door and jamb. All traces of oven spray removed.
  • Stovetop surface clean and free of grease, including drip pans (do not cover with foil), and wall back splash.
  • Windows and sills cleaned, curtain rods and blinds vacuumed of dust and cobwebs.
  • Tile or vinyl floors scrubbed.
  • Wood floors dusted or dry-mopped and treated with wood conditioner such as Bona (available at Lowe’s).
  • Cupboard drawers and shelves vacuumed or wiped out, outside surfaces free of dirt, grease, and stains.
  • Walls washed and free of dirt and fingerprints, including areas in contact with furniture. Baseboards wiped down and clean.
  • Sinks, tub, shower, and faucets scrubbed clean; fiberglass shower pans may require extra effort.
  • Light fixtures dusted, cleaned, with any dead bugs removed.
  • Garage swept and cleaned of all items and trash.
  • All trash in proper containers. Do not leave your trash cans full as Albuquerque Waste Management service will not collect overfilled trash bins. If the cans are left full, you will be charged a fee for dumping.
  • Yard neat and tidy. Weeds pulled, sidewalks and patios swept, rocks and stones in order and leaves raked. No animal waste remaining on the property.
  • All keys, garage door openers, etc. returned. Tenants will incur daily charges until all keys are received. Keys must be returned to us in person, not left in the house.
  • All rents, utilities, late fees, NSF fees and other expenses paid in full.
  • Tenants are required by law to mail us written notice received by the last day of the month prior to the month of vacating. (To vacate July 31, you must provide us with 30-day written notice by June 30.)


Do I need to be present for the move-out inspection?

No, but residents may find it in their interest to be present at checkout to help resolve any discrepancies regarding move-out conditions or damages.


What do I do with my keys?

On the scheduled move-out day, you must return your keys to us in person. You will be charged pro-rated rent for each day that we do not have your keys. If you do not return your keys within ten days of departure, you will be charged an additional $35.


How to I receive my Security Deposit Disposition?

The Security Deposit Disposition will be forwarded to your last known address 30 days after your scheduled move-out. Please provide any new address to Pihana Properties prior to your move-out date.

Pihana Properties strives to refund 100% of your security deposit. If you take good care of the property during the rental period, report needed repairs promptly, and clean the unit well upon vacating, the chances are that your entire deposit will be refunded.