Maintenance Issues

Routine Maintenance Requests

Submit routine maintenance requests by calling or texting our property manager Tricia directly at (505) 603-0511 or email Greg at grigson1270 at


Urgent Maintenance

An urgent condition is one that results in less than full use/service (habitability) of the property. We can usually respond to requests within one to two hours to assess the situation and send out the appropriate repair person. Examples of urgent maintenance conditions include, but are not limited to: drain stoppages, water or roof leaks that can be contained, heater malfunctions, and electrical outages.


Maintenance Emergencies

A maintenance emergency is a condition that immediately threatens the health or safety of the occupants, or could quickly cause damage to the unit. Contact us for emergencies that occur between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm, and we will quickly assess the situation and send help. Outside those hours, please call a 24-hour service agency for assistance.

Know the location of the main unit water shutoff valve (under the house), the gas valve, and electrical breaker box—ask if you are in doubt! Many emergencies can be averted by turning one of these off.


Emergency contact numbers:

Pihana Properties – (505) 603-0511 or (505) 353-0817

ABCWUA Emergency Water Shut Off – 857-8250

PNM Electric– 246-5700

NM Gas Emergency Service – 888-664-2726 or “811”

All Other Emergencies – 911