Current Resident FAQ

When is my rent due?

Unless otherwise stipulated in your lease agreement, all rents are due on the 1st of each month.


Are there penalties for late payment?

Any rents not paid in full by the 3rd of each month are subject to a late fee of up to 10% assessed on the total monthly rent. Rents must be received by us no later than the 3rd to avoid a late fee. Contact us if you wish to confirm receipt of payment.

Late fees are applied and collected on the 4th of the month. On the 7th, a Three-Day Notice of Non-Payment will be posted. If a resident has not paid rent in full by the 15th of the month, a court filing is completed and a date scheduled for eviction. Fortunately, we have never been forced to issue this notice.


Can I pay my rent in person?

We do not have an office or payment box. To make a payment you may stop in to one our Albuquerque branch banks for a deposit in person or set up an electronic transfer of funds.

The most secure method is to have rent payments deposited directly to our bank account (Bank of Albuquerque, account name Pihana LLC). Please ensure the deposit slip has your name or unit address on it so your account is properly credited.

We do not accept Paypal, Google Wallet, etc. or debit or credit cards. Payment must be made directly to our bank.


What happens to my security deposit?

We hold all security deposits in a security deposit account. Because the security deposit legally belongs to the resident, this money is held in trust until the resident vacates and the Security Deposit Disposition has been completed after the move-out inspection.

The security deposit usually suffices to cover minor damage incurred during occupancy. Any damage not covered by the security deposit are billed to the former resident and sent for collection if unpaid.

To ensure return of your full security deposit, please refer to the Move-Out FAQ.


Can I have a roommate?

Roommates can be added under the same process as any new tenant. S/he must be 18 years or older and complete an application, pay the $35 application fee, be approved and added to your lease agreement. Each prospective resident is subject to an eviction, criminal and credit history check. The maximum number of allowable occupants in the unit cannot be exceeded.


Do you allow sub-leasing?

Sub-leasing is not allowed for any period of time.


What if I break the lease?

We expect residents will take the necessary planning steps to avoid breaking the lease, which is a binding legal contract. The consequences for breaking a lease are:  (1) Court filing for any unpaid rents, late fees, unpaid utility billings, court fees, and reasonable attorneys fees; (2) Early termination fee equal to one month’s rent; (3) reimbursement for any damages or neglect to the residence and (4) forfeiture of the security deposit.


Who pays for utilities?

Typically the resident is responsible for gas and electric, telephone, cable TV, and internet service.  Water, sewer, and trash fees are included in the rent.

Given the region’s scarcity of water and Albuquerque’s prohibitions on water waste, we do bill for water use in excess of 80 gallons per day per resident (Albuquerque average). Residents are encouraged to take responsibility for their water use.


Are cable/satellite TV hookups allowed?

Most of our properties are cable-ready. Residents who wish to install a satellite dish may do so at their own expense after approval with a signed “Cable/Dish Permission Letter” available from us.


Should I carry renters insurance?

We strongly recommend that you carry renters insurance during your tenancy. Please be aware that the owner’s insurance covers only the structure, not your possessions.


Am I responsible for any maintenance on the unit?

We expect our residents to use the electrical, plumbing, sanitation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances, and other facilities in a safe and reasonable manner. Typically residents are responsible for replacing smoke detector batteries, light bulbs, broken glass, and making any repairs caused by negligence.


How do I submit a routine maintenance request?

Call or text Tricia, our property manager, directly at (505) 603-0511. Or email Greg at grigson1270 at


What if the maintenance problem is urgent?

Any maintenance condition that results in a reduction of full use/service of the property will get our immediate attention. Contact us immediately to assess the situation and schedule appropriate repairs. Examples of urgent maintenance conditions include problems such as drain stoppages, water or roof leaks that cannot be contained, heater malfunctions, and electrical outages.

A maintenance emergency is any condition that threatens the health and safety of the residents or immediate property damage to the unit. Contact us for emergencies that occur between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm by phoning or texting Tricia at (505) 603-0511 and if you don’t receive an immediate response please call or text Greg at (505) 353-0817. Outside these hours, please call a 24-hour service agency for assistance.

Know the location of the main water shutoff valve (under the house), gas valve, and electrical breaker box—ask if you are in doubt! Many emergencies can be averted by turning these off.


Emergency contact numbers:

Pihana Properties – (505) 603-0511  or (505) 353-0817

ABCWUA Emergency Water Shut Off – 857-8250

PNM Electric– 246-5700

NM Gas Emergency Service – 888-664-2726 or “811”

All Other Emergencies – 911