Our mission

Pihana Properties is committed to providing value and quality in every property offered for rent. We strive to give personalized service to every resident and respect your wish for a comfortable home with modern features, in a convenient location, and with rapid response to service needs—just as we desire for our own home.

Creating and maintaining an excellent relationship with our residents is very important to us. We believe in the key elements of communication, understanding, and respect. Our residents are our customers. If our residents are happy, then our business is successful!



Pihana Properties is a family-run business owned by Greg Grigson and Keiko Ohnuma, and managed by Tricia Mclinden.

Greg is an Air Force veteran with over 24 years of military service, including air transport operations, program and project management, systems engineering, operations planning and execution, and contingency deployment operations.

He managed a water-treatment manufacturing operation and worked as an Operations Research Analyst at Kirtland AFB before retiring in March 2018. His interests include hiking, biking, and travel. He recently retrofitted a camper van, and is spending much of the year traveling.

Keiko is a freelance journalist, writer and editor who enjoys making art, cooking, knitting, and practicing her several rusty languages. Greg, Keiko, and Wooby are spending 2018-2019 living in Montreal, Canada, and Oaxaca, Mexico.

Tricia Mclinden, our property manager, grew up in Redondo Beach, California, and ended up in New Mexico in 2006 thanks to a lifelong passion for the Southwest. She had a 30-year career in dentistry, and in 2010 started a pet and house sitting business serving Corrales and surrounding areas. (She has been a second mother to our canine kids–not to mention our friends’ horses and other critters.) Tricia lives in the North Valley with her husband and grandson, and enjoys watching her grandson play sports. In her free time she likes driving in the mountains, dancing, going to concerts, and taking trips in the summer.